Developing Managerial Skills

One essential management capability is the ability to focus, to concentrate your attention and energy.
But with so much to do and think about, how and where should managers focus their attention?

As one grows in responsibility in the organization, there is a need to look beyond the confines of one’s department or section to understand the larger leadership role and one’s contribution to the organization’s goals. The manager is required to understand the strategic direction of the organization; the impact of environmental changes on the organization and develop a holistic perspective towards organizational effectiveness.

Managerial Effectiveness is the key to Organizational Effectiveness. This programme focuses on the essentials for effective management of self, teams, and change in attaining organizational effectiveness.

The ability to direct attention and effort on to what matters. This is the subject of this article – developing management skills.

The ability to get things done. This is the topic of our article effective management skills: Making it Happen

The ability to build your explicit and tactic knowledge, to inform how and why you manage. This topic is explored in our article leadership and professional development: be in the know.


objectives are to:

1.Acquainting the participants with requisite managerial skills needed for managing different individuals, interest groups , organizations etc.

2.Providing participants with an opportunity to explore his /her basic orientations, ways of working, behaviour both functional and dysfunctional , stress experienced, ways of coping with stress with various executive skill abilities

3.Discussing the various instruments used for understanding key organizational functions , such as leadership, empowering, and organizational effectiveness.


Who should attend

This programme is designed for individuals who are directly responsible for the performance of a department. Managers with general management responsibilities will find this programme particularly beneficial.


  • Spectra of managerial skills needed for transforming organizations
  • Understanding skills in the context of personal orientation and behaviour
  • Understanding skills in the context of personal and interpersonal styles
  • Understanding skills in the context of Role
  • Understanding skills in the context of Organization