Edp on decoding the brand strategy
framework in a volatile market

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Programme on Decoding the Brand Strategy Framework in a Volatile Market.

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    The global economy is undergoing a churn across all key markets and India is no exception to this phenomenon. The only difference here is that India still continues to grow at a faster pace as compared to other economies, but it has become tough with a perceptible slowdown across key sectors as apparent from low consumer demand.

    It is here that marketers across all sectors and for their respective companies and brands are striving to find the right balance, the appropriate process to ensure that they gain against the tide and grow steadily. With this background and context in mind, this EDP has been specifically designed to help orient and build a comprehensive and insightful learning curve and exposure to understand the basics of marketing, the framework involved, and the essence of marketing planning to succeed in India’s current volatile market conditions.

    This programme will be key and relevant for all professionals comprising senior executives, managers, senior management professionals, entrepreneurs and SEPs (self-employed professionals) from various domains including sales, marketing, and even other non-marketing domains. The participants will be exposed to the cerebral and conceptual framework of branding, communications, target segment understanding, and other key marketing concepts to understand, plan for, and then successfully implement in such a competitive and challenging environment. This, in turn, will enable all participants to evaluate and take critical business decisions that will impact the brand, category, and thereby overall business of their respective organizations. Participants will also get an in-depth industry relevant, brand/product specific exposure to planning marketing strategies for select “live” brands that in turn will enable them to leverage this first hand exposure to their respective organizations/brands.

    Programme Benefits

    Get a first-hand exposure and learning curve on ensuring and delivering successfully to retention of existing customers as well as growth of business in a volatile environment characterized by a perceptible slow down and sluggish consumer demand. This, in turn, will involve, revisiting marketing basics and going back to the drawing board with a fresh perspective involving the following:

    • Understand the basic tenets of marketing, its conceptual framework in evolving plans and G-T-M (go to the market) strategies in a volatile market.
    • Gain an in-depth insight and knowledge on the marketing and communications principles of differentiating brands in a product parity market as well as evolving communications strategies including advertising that impact buying decisions of target segments.
    • Step by Step formulation of a brand positioning strategy.
    • Work on “live brands” and learn the essence of planning an integrated marketing communications approach and strategy that ensures success of the brand in an otherwise fiercely competitive market.
    • Overall understanding of both management and measurement of an effective marketing plan over a pre-decided period of time.
    • Consolidate and re-focus on organic growth, thereby driving profitability.
    • Enhance ways and means to add value to the overall process of client relationship management.
    • Re-look at existing communication plans by optimizing budgets with a higher weightage on direct contact / on ground promotions rather than advertising per se.
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    Prof. Parveen Ahluwalia

    Prof. Parveen is a postgraduate in Economics (UGC scholar) from the prestigious Gokhale Institute of Economics, Pune (National UGC scholarship holder), and a gold medalist in marketing management (MBA) from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Pune….Read More


    Ms. Shilpa Saxena

    Ms. Shilpa has over 20 years of marketing strategy, planning & budgeting, brand building, product development and project management spanning across IT, FMCG, Training & Education sectors. Her focus has been on new brand creation, marketing excellence, strategy development and competitive assessment….Read More

    Some Topics to be Covered

    Essence of the marketingframework

    • India as a market
    • Understanding market and target segments
    • Definition of target consumers
    • Formulation of brand positioning
    • Roadmap to a brand strategy – creative and media briefs
    • Communication concepts formulation and media mix

    planning a 360 degree approach

    • Positioning strategy
    • Communication and media strategy
    • Adding other marcom elements to the plan
    • Budgeting and tracking media budgets
    • Management and evaluation os a G-T-M (Go to market) plan

    Driving organic sales growth

    • Marketing tactics for increasing existing revenue
    • Enhancement of degree of key account management
    • Re-installing confidence and credibility amongst existing clients
    • Envolving the right pitch on an ongoing basis with existing client

    optimizing on promotional budgets including advertising

    • Media budgetary allocation revisited
    • Additional focus and weightage to B-T-L (below the line) communication
    • Evolving new ideas to engage both with B2B clients and B2C retail consumers
    • Monitoring the media budget including modifying it as and when needed

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