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New Delhi Institute of Management would like to invite you for the Management Development Programme on LOGICTICS & SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT. The programme offers highly structured and robust approach to decision making in supply chains.

Business professionals who want to make a significant impact on the efficiency, effectiveness or profitability of their organizations should consider learning more about supply chain management and its value for companies operating in a competitive global marketplace. Supply chain management is the management of flow of product, fund, and information through suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and customers. Diligent pursuance of this program will enable participants to manage these flows effectively and efficiently.

Programme Benefits

  • Enhance credentials: Attending a Management Development Program shows initiative and drive. Participants would have acquired certain knowledge and skills, which would hold them in good stead in their jobs./li>
  • Increased value to employers: Participants would become better at jobs as they would develop better understanding of whatever they are doing, and how they can become better. Their companies benefit by their knowledge.
  • Solidify core concepts: Learning from experts can help solidify the core fundamentals of Supply Chain management & Logistics.
  • Gives the knowledge to start own business: Supply Chain management & Logistics is an in- demand skill that entrepreneurs have used to launch successful businesses.
  • Boosts confidence: Learning new skills and gaining knowledge can be an empowering experience. Attending a Management Development program can increase confidence of a participant as he sets new career goals.
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Mr. Ibad Hanif

He is one of the few people in the Supply Chain Management industry who has both imparted knowledge and practiced it as well. He is a Post Graduate in BusinessManagement from Centre for Management Development, Modinagar. He is a 1997 postgraduate with specialisation in Marketing….
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Mr. Arun Kumar

An engineer graduate from IIT Roorkee, and is a Management Graduate from Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi University. He has worked in Escorts Limited for more than a decade. He has worked in NIILM – Center of Management Studies for 15 years as a professor in Operations Management area…..Read More



Industry Practitioners would engage the participants in the programme through case studies, application questions, videos, and live examples. Participants can also discuss the problems that their companies might be encountering. Instructors would also discuss the concepts that are widely applicable in the area of supply chain management & logistics.

Some Topics to be Covered

Basic Understanding of Designing a Supply Chain – Backend

Managing Inventory In Supply Chain

Planning and Designing the CLS activities

Transportation – Structure, Problems and Solutions

3PL Vs 4 PL – In-depth understanding and learning with implementation

Programme Details