New Delhi Institute of Management would like to invite you for the Management Development
Programme on Finance for Non Finance Managers.

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    New Delhi Institute of Management would like to invite you for the Management Development Programme on Finance for Non Finance Managers.In the competitive world of global business, executives at all levels need to develop a good appreciation of basic financial reports, as well as the fundamentals of business valuation and the creation of shareholder value.

    You may be an expert in your own technical or business field, but if you’re given a position of greater responsibility where understanding and talking the language of finance becomes a significant part of your job, you need to be adequately equipped to do the job.

    This programme will enable managers, professionals, and entrepreneurs, from different fields like Production, Operation, Human Resource, Information Technology, Research, Data Analytics, Media, Marketing etc, to understand the basics of finance and accounting. The participants will gain knowledge of key concepts in finance which directly or indirectly impact all other departments and their working in an organization in both short run and long run. This in turn will help participants to make critical business decisions, keeping in mind the financial aspect of it. Participants will also be able to understand and examine financial statements of a company, investment decision and working capital decision.

    Programme Benefits

    • Enables participants to review corporate performance through examination of financial statements.
    • Understanding the impact of various financial decisions on a company’s other departments.
    • Gain in-depth knowledge of working capital, cost control and budgets in the day-to-day working of a company.
    • Help the participants to discuss relevant financial issues with finance managers/stakeholders in their organization in a more appropriate manner.
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    Mr. Rishi

    Mr. Rishi has over 20 years of enriched experience in diverse areas of Finance. He is currently the CEO for Corporate Partners & Finance Gurukul and a Consultant to DEA-NIFM Research Program, Ministry of Finance…..Read More


    Dr. Silky Vigg Kushwah

    Dr. Silky, PhD is a Research Director of a government project funded by HRD Ministry, Government of India. She has 15 years of teaching and research experience. She has completed her Master’s degree in Business Administration from Institute of Management Studies, Devi Ahilya University, Indore, Madhya Pradesh…..Read More


    Mr. Jayendra Malhotra

    Mr. Jayendra is a Chartered Accountant (from ICAI) by profession and also has a Master degree from Manchester Business School, England.Presently he is associated as a visiting faculty at Faculty of Management Studies (FMS, Delhi), Delhi University, teaching Management Accounting and Corporate Tax Planning. …..Read More

    Some Topics to be Covered

    Financial Statements of Companies

    • Statement of profit and loss
    • Balance sheet
    • Statement of change in equity
    • Cash flow statements

    Working Capital Decision

    • Working capital and its types
    • Operating cycle and its calculation
    • Practical implications of working capital management

    Costing and Budgeting Decision

    • Different types of cost
    • Budgets and its importance
    • Budgetary control

    Investment Decision

    • Concept of Time value of money
    • Capital budgeting process
    • Capital budgeting techniques
    • Practical implications of capital budgeting techniques

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