Leadership Potential among Women

This course builds skills and mindsets required for women professionals to succeed and
enhance their leadership strategy.

Leading organizations requires effectiveness in both the transactional and transformational roles of an individual. Effectiveness in both these leadership roles requires acquisition of special skills and competencies so as to steer through several business environmental challenges.

Despite greatly increased representation across all sectors and in a wide variety of industries, women still face particular challenges when aspiring for leadership roles in their organizations. With the appointment of women as independent Director on the Board of Directors of the companies, issues of effectively managing, leading and moving ahead responsibly and inclusively, the challenge to move to such positions increases with the dynamics in the women groups themselves which might assume disproportionate heights apart from the glass ceiling issues. This programme provides an opportunity for professional women in various domains to reflect on their leadership potential, the balance between personal and professional lives, internalized constraints, and future directions for a superior, more fulfilling, and meaningful professional and personal life.


The programme aims to:

1.Expose participants to the spectra of various leadership and interactional styles vis a vis the demands for global leadership competencies for excelling in a global environment

2.Deliberate on the need and importance of the various leadership competencies vis a vis the gaps in the competencies as evidenced through various leadership instruments and tools

3.The art and style of managing interpersonal, inter-group and intra-group dynamics for becoming effective locally and globally.

Who should attend

Women executives, including Team members, Project Leaders and
Project Managers, Programme Managers


  • Transactional styles
  • Transformational styles
  • Leading subordinates effectively
  • Becoming a powerful leader – comfortably open and straight forward effectiveness.
  • Managing the ego and developing flexibility in interactional styles
  • Shaping political dynamics, work and organizational culture
  • Assessing leadership styles competencies
  • Managing stress and emotions for a winning edge