‘Future of Work’ is a theme set out by the International Labor Organization (ILO) celebrating 2019 as the Centenary year. To spearhead the initiative, the ILO launched a Global Commission on the Future of Work on 21 st August, 2017. According to the  ILO, the world of work is experiencing a major process of change, with important transformations ranging from the development of technologies and the impact of climate change to the changing character of production and employment.

Smoothening the functioning in workplaces and getting better outputs may require what will be the best kind of work place. It will also require aligning to the work demands where the organic organizational growth is desired. It needs to take a global snapshot related to the ‘Megatrends in the world of Work’.

The two days MDP is being planned to deliberate on the megatrends in the world of work and the learnings that can be derived from them.


  • Provide insights on the emerging paradigm of future of work
  • Think in terms of making workplace a place of pride
  • Creating effective work organizations
  • Learn the challenges of Integrating sustainable development goals
  • Work life balance challenges for organizational excellence


  • To provide insights to make the organizations work place, a great place to work;
  • To understand the megatrends in the world of work and the need to align with the trends for higher outputs and organizational productivity
  • To understand the Implications of Globalization and Technology for the Future of Work and the need for redesigning the strategies.
  • To understand the importance and integration needs of Environment and Climate issues for corporate sustainability.

Who Should Enrol

  • Senior Corporate Executives
  • General Managers / Vice Presidents
  • HROs
  • Learning and Development Officers
  • Senior Public Sector Managers.
  • Officers in Government Organisations
  • Administrative Personnel in Hospitals
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Dr. V. N. Srivastava

Dr. Srivastava a Ph.D. in Human Resource Management & Labour Studies from the School of Management & Labour Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai, is currently a Professor (HR & OB) at New Delhi Institute of Management, New Delhi. He is also Director, OD Skill Development Academy and Member of Executive Committee, Academy of Occupational and Environmental Health, New Delhi.
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Mr. Jasbir Singh Nagi

After trying his hand in Aviation and Banking sectors Jasbir joined Great Place to Work as a Senior Consultant – Business Development in 2016. Currently based out of Delhi, he leads the client experience team in the Northern and North-Eastern regions of the country. Mr. Jasbir has also co-authored research articles and reports on India’s Great Mid-Size Workplaces in 2018 and ‘19.
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Dr. A Didar Singh

Dr. Singh is an author and former civil servant (IAS) served as Secretary to Government of India and as Secretary General (from 2012 to 2017) of India’s largest apex business chamber, FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry). Dr. Singh is presently Senior Fellow at the Delhi Policy Group and at the Society for Development Studies, Habitat Centre, New Delhi…Read More

Some Topics to be Covered

Megatrend in the World Of Work

Salient features of Great Place to work and in Relation to Future of Work

The current state of the World of Work

Implications of globalization and technology for redesigning the workplace

Integrating issues of demography and climate change in making the work place as a place of pride

Artificial Intelligence and work place design