Online Certificate Programme on Digital Marketing

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    New Delhi Institute of Management would like to invite you for the 3-Day.Online Certificate Programme on Digital Marketing Lear the most powerful digital Marketing tools to boost sales.

    This programme is specially curated for businesses to drive higher sales productivity and other performance gains through digital marketing. As a business in the year 2021, there is a need to make a transformative shift which involves mastering multiple tools to generate distinctive and practical insights from digital sources as a starting point for your business to develop new contact strategies, streamline planning and execution processes, and upgrade internal capabilities.

    If you’re an entrepreneur, investor, manager or student, you need thoughtful approaches to navigate and win in this new environment.

    We will guide you to master the data-driven new age digital-marketing approaches so that you are able to drive results quickly!


    • Hands-on experience in designing marketing campaigns on different social media platforms for growing business.
    • Guide participants to master various digital marketing tools that have the highest impact on the business ROI.
    • Assistance to participants in tracking their marketing activities, strengthening keyword strategies, and monitoring the content and digital footprint.
    • Provide support in understanding trend spotting, nowcasting, deep audience insights with the help of successful campaigns from the past.
    • Increase awareness about the evolving nature and the different areas in the field of digital marketing


    • The capability to optimally use Search Engine Marketing, online advertising, and digital marketing campaign
    • Comprehension of the advantages and disadvantages of using digital channels for your business.
    • Application of latest approaches to strategic digital marketing that are effective across all the channels.
    • Learn proven ways to enhance consumer adoption and convert customers into brand advocates.
    • Become a digital marketing expert with the ability to run live campaigns on different social media platforms.
    • Learn to optimise and generate revenue through your effective marketing efforts.
    • Communicate your brand identity and value to your target audience efficiently.

    Who Should Enrol

    • Business Owners
    • Marketing Managers or Marketing Directors
    • Sales Managers or Directors
    • Public Relations (PR) Professionals
    • Business Development Managers and Directors
    • Senior Operations Managers and Directors
    • Entrepreneurs/ MSME Owners
    • Product Managers
    • Advertising Executives
    • Social Media Managers
    • Digital Marketing Enthusiasts
    • Students
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    With more than 11 years of deep-rooted digital marketing experience, her areas of expertise are innovation in digital strategies, improving the ROI of digital campaign..
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    Some Topics to be Covered

    Think with Google

    Email Marketing with YAMM

    LinkedIn Paid Ads

    Google Alert

    Google Trends

    Programmatic Advertising

    Browser Push Notification


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