Online Certificate Programme on
Strategic Brand Management
during Crises

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    New Delhi Institute of Management would like to invite you to Leverage Digital Marketing , Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to drive Strategic Brand Management during crises

    In current times, when strategies of some of the top companies across the world went up in smoke,NDIM has specially curated this programme to help innovative organisations leverage the potential presented by Digital Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Data Analytics to accelerate their Branding Processes with latest tools & strategies in the most easy and straightforward manner.

    During the programme, you will master the knowledge of the most effective yet simple methods of strengthening your brand value in the industry, increasing brand loyalty and emerging as the most trusted brand through the proven techniques trusted by Fortune India 100 Brands in the year 2020-21.

    We will help your brand invest in improving the internal competency of your marketing and brandingteam, by helping them adopt the advanced tools and techniques under the guidance of renowned industry experts.


    • Learn the latest Brand Management tools & techniques that have been derived through in-depth research by our globally renowned experts
    • Leverage data-driven and interactive digital marketing techniques based on our extensive research to accelerate and manage their own brand
    • Explore the latest technology like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Analytics to strengthen and elevate their organisation’s brand
    • Dive into the most effective and top-rated brand management techniques trusted by the country’s top market leaders especially during the pandemic


    • Differentiate their brand and make it stand out to attract the right audience towards their offerings with real-time strategies
    • Easily provide their customer a much superior experience to retain them and increase brand loyalty by leveraging the latest technology
    • Imprint the name of their brand in the consumer’s mind to tackle the ever-growing competition
    • Design their own customer-focused brand strategy framework based on the techniques and tools they learnt to leverage
    • Easily provide their customer a much superior experience to retain them and increase brand loyalty by leveraging the latest technology

    Who Should Enrol

    • The senior and the middle-level managers in large, medium, and small organisations
    • Corporate Professionals who want to understand and apply Brand Management tools and techniques in their organisation
    • Brand Specialists, Brand/Product Managers, Client Solution Managers & Brand Partners
    • Any individual looking for career enhancement in the Marketing Sector
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    Veena Kumar

    An MBA graduate from Punjab University, Chandigarh, Prof. Veena is the Professor of Sales Distribution Management at NDIM. She is currently Director, CEC…
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    Shailee Choudhary

    She has over 18 years of experience in Industry, Consulting and Academia. She has been instrumental in providing Corporate Training in her areas of expertise..
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    Dr. Rinku Sharma Dixit

    Dr. Dixit holds a Ph.D (Computer Science) with specialisation in Artificial Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition. She has over 20 years of experience in academics and Industry….
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    Sonal Gulati

    With more than 11 years of deep-rooted digital marketing experience in the areas of digital strategies, improving ROI of digital campaigns, managing market…
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    Some Topics to be Covered

    Effective Brand Communication Strategies during Covid

    The Genius of Perfecting the Customer Experience

    Leveraging AI, ML & Data Analytics Tools in Brand Management

    Deep Dive into DM Strategies adopted by top brands in 2020-21

    Use Cases | Brand Success & Failure Stories

    Guided Brand Management Framework Design Session