Our MDPs, EDPs, FDPs and Workshops have been helping participants discover or rediscover their skills, ideas and
innovative mind-sets. Here is what some delegates have to say about their experience at our development programmes.


This ORM session was very good and I was very happy to learn a lot of new things. This will definitely help us build our brand in a big way because there are so many analytics that i had never understood. There was more insight given to us and there was practical done here – we were given a task of how to analyze how our brand is getting affected. So that was a really good experience for us. That is gonna help our organisation to analyse our brand properly and to take a corrective action accordingly. This is a very good workshop and everybody should attend it- especially those who are interested in brand building. It’s a good opportunity for all of us to interact with the faculty here and they are very good and all were very helpful. Very customized efforts were put in the training so that i am able to understand our brand – Room to Read, we worked on it, it was really good

Sanjay Singh

Head of Communications & Donor Engagement, Room to Read


The 2 Day drive which went for ORM conducted by NDIM went really well. It was very fruitful and productive. Thank you to NDIM and Mr. Rajendra Rawat for such a productive session. Before coming, I had a lot of questions on how we can move ahead with my organization for ORM so a lot of brainstorming has been done in these 2 days. Now I have a few ideas and clear vision on how we can move ahead and implement those techniques which he had shared with my organization. So thank you so much for the opportunity.

Priya Khanna

Manager- Strategic HR, Trident Limited


Last 2 days have been absolutely fruitful and creative. I think I couldn’t have asked for a better investment of time and energy. It was amazing, out of the world, specially criticising your own self and seeing what you’ve missed. It is always better to go back to the basics. Thank you, NDIM

Lt. Col. Kailash Bansal

Director, AICTE


I really enjoyed it and was a hundred percent involved in everything in all the time that I spent here. I’ll definitely apply the strategies I learnt here in my organisation in the advertisement related activities. The programme was really nice so I’ll make sure I share what I learnt with my team.

Deepali Singh

Key Account Manager, JCDecaux


This was the first time I attended such a programme, I think it gave a good insight on how to look at things differently which was not the case in my work area. So if you start looking from this angle, all strategies and techniques we talked about. It was good to spend these two days here, they were well utilised. What I learnt here is definitely going to help me a lot.

Dr Pramod Gautam

Director, Society of Community Health Oriented Operational Links (S.C.H.O.O.L)


The session was really engaging, really meaningful. We got to learn more about what it takes to conduct such programmes. The participants, who work in different sectors, were really involved in all the sessions. The resource persons and experts were brilliant.

Dr Sombala Ningthoujam

Associate Professor, OB & HRM


It was a re-learning experience, having done my MBA long back. All the frameworks and models that were taught were quite interesting. We got interesting case studies, also. All sessions of the programme were really good.

Atul Rawat

Assistant Professor


It was a nice experience. The programme was really interactive and we got the opportunity to connect with a lot of people. The activities that were involved in the programme really opened up my mind – changed my perspective. The overall experience was really good.

John Wilsent



All the sessions in the programme were informative and insightful. They’ll surely help to think critically, innovatively and help us solve problems through different approaches that we learnt here.

Rohit Puri



Through this online reputation management programme I learnt that I can build my image, my organization’s image and how impactful it is for brands- making them more influential for the stakeholders – being online can change a lot.

Heena Kauser



It was a really good experience for me because we’re living in a digital era and every business- doesn’t matter how big or small – they are online. Online presence does matter a lot for all businesses especially for the customers and investors. I know personally this will help me build my candidature strong for jobs and in future help the company I work for. Being a marketing student I know we can’t actually separate digital marketing from marketing- so in that sense it will help me a lot.

Arghya Banerjee



It was very helpful for us and full of learning. This programme will help us in our career also as we can help our company to create a brand image, help them in their promotions – have more followers and connect with the users.

Twinkle Agarwal